Account Disabled

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What does this mean?

When someone is banned from Discord, they cannot login to their account or create another account with any of the same credentials that they used in their disabled account.

How am I dealing with this?

I have contacted Discord Support, but as everyone knows, Discord does not answer emails. They either respond with:

This impacts me because I am away from the people, servers, and platform that I love, and may never see them again. I cannot create websites for people on Discord anymore, and I cannot help people with their Web Hosting problems.

How does this affect you (the reader)?

If you are a customer of any of my services, they will remain active. If you need something, please message me on my social media account in the site footer below. A response is guaranteed.

Edit: Current Status

Discord has responded with No, and they will be deleting my account on the 18th. If you were my friend on Discord, please message me and we can become friends again (:

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